SP. wrote on 10/20/2020, 1:40 AM

Log into your user account on Then go to "My Products" and scroll down to Sound Forge, Then look at the details to deactivate your installation on your old computer.

rraud wrote on 10/20/2020, 9:45 AM

You can use Magix Sound Forge simultaneously on 2 devices. There are two ways to deactivate a device so you can activate a different PC.
As SD stated, visit the MAGIX Service Center and log into your account, go to My Products > Show More Details > Deactivate. This option can be used once a month.
The alternate option is in Sound Forge and can be used as often as you wish. From the Help menu choose Deactivate the Software on this PC. An internet connection is required btw.
The above does not apply to 365 subscription versions which can only on one device

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