Recorded .wav file doesn't play, please help!

musicnewbie wrote on 12/29/2010, 9:26 PM


So i've made some audio arrangements and the recorded .wav file has no sound when i try and play it after the recording's done. I've downloaded MAGIX MUSIC MAKER 16 Trial. Have i done something wrong?

I'm new to this whole music production thing, so your advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! 


nihon94 wrote on 12/30/2010, 1:51 AM



Welcome, even if you are new, just provide proper information when you ask any other question and someone will answer you specially if it is related with Music Maker.


After reading your question I felt as if, you did not properly configure connection. I am giving you a link to my pdf tutorial just follow the configuration part where needed. How to choose line, or else you can read and find helpful images. After reading pdf tutorial if you still need help please ask question.


Note: it would be much appreicated when ask question provide Version number of Software and Windows if you use Xp, Vista or 7 that helps a lot to answer properly.


In Music Maker tirial version there are very few soundpool, Music Maker 16 got 45% items while Music Maker 16 Premium got 95% items and I had myselft upgraded from MMM 16 to MMM 16 Premium(MMM=Magix Music Maker)


Thank you