rraud wrote on 3/10/2022, 10:04 AM

@BScott-Fischer, 'some 'PCs allow "recording what you hear" natively, some do not,. All my Dell desktops and laptop PCs going back to Win 95 allow it., OTOH, I had two Toshiba Satellites that could not without a third-party utility even though they also had the Reltec soundcards
"Record what you hear" was originally a term used on the old Sound Blaster cards. On most Realtec cards, it is refereed to as "Stereo mix", so if that is what you have, set 'Stereo mix" as the default record source and disable the mic (or whatever) as the record source in the PC's record sound settings... Then... go to SF's Options> Preferences> Audio> Record" Audio Device type settings and select "Stereo mix" as the record "Audio device type". In either case, the speaker/headphone volume will control the record level.

If the native method does not work, another option is using VB-CABLE, which is a virtual audio cable. I have not used this app though since recording the 'Stereo mix' works well on my Dell PCs.