nihon94 wrote on 4/15/2011, 8:14 AM

Hello welcome,


No problem if you are new, if you ask question properly you will get quick response.

First of all it would be better if you would have told about your Music Maker version and windows xp, vista or 7 that helps a lot when answer.

Note: when we use soundpool/pre set sounds we edit them, trim, put effects and do whatever we can do until we get satisfy, or we can mix with our own recording but we can not re record them ok. I think you mean the same.


I assume by pre set sounds you mean Soundpool (have pre set sounds as you said)

I think I should give you a link to Pdf tutorial I am sure you will learn and like it. Do not worry by the version below please just check the pdf once. If you still got question send message.


Making Music by Music Maker 16 Premium


Wish you success