[Release] ACID Pro 8 – the revolutionary DAW returns


andrew-wilson wrote on 12/19/2018, 6:27 AM

As another professional user I completely agree. I have in past produced SO many releases using Acid Pro 7 and the previous versions, but I am now struggling to get the new version of Acid to 'keep up' with my musical demands. Such a shame. Such a great tool, dying before our eyes...


athenahoros-p wrote on 4/1/2020, 4:09 PM

Acid Pro 8 - nice program, but bad yet

For several years I have been using ACID for my professional job.
I was looking forward to 64 bit. version so I can use the new effects already on 32 bit. they are not. Unfortunately, I have to say that the current build 143 is inapplicable to the work.

Every second star program falls. Tested on both desktop and laptop.
Not only on projects created in version 7, but also in their own projects. Very bad. He can not work with him professionally. I have to go back to version 7.

I know it's a fresh kid and some mistakes always appear. But I feel like an alpha tester and not as a user who can work seriously.

Just wait for the next assembly and still send bug reports. I've sent them a few tens ...

I am writing reviews on the Czech music server https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/heroes/, so I will wait and I will not make a negative review. The Acid program would have made it unnecessary.

I hold my thumbs, maybe it will be good

Mirek Pisa



Hope everything will be fine, it's problems always  happened with new ones