[Release] New Music Maker – now available for free!


Abyss wrote on 12/20/2018, 10:16 AM

I have the free version. Its working great for mixing sound etc. I have no "mp3" export option, and if i try to export a wav or wma file, it starts, gets to 21% and crashes and restarts the program.. very frustrating when i want to get a song out.. Any ideas?

jack-w wrote on 1/31/2019, 10:47 PM

I installed this, it is getting my work done along with Sc-Downloader, being the normal version it does not have a lot of functionality but thats fine. Can someone help me with how can i use the voucher that i got in it.

DennisS58 wrote on 2/5/2019, 12:00 PM

How does Music Maker and Music Studio differ from Acid Pro 8? I was going to download Music Maker but after I purchaced Acid Pro 8 I thought it wouldn't be necessary. Was I wrong?

anthony-barber wrote on 12/25/2019, 8:41 AM

I cant make music how do I get to the program