[Release] Video Pro X – Intuitive video production. Redefined.

frankberger85 wrote on 11/25/2019, 7:27 AM

Dear Community,

our developers have once again given their best and now the time has finally come. From today it's here, the new version of Video Pro X!

New features in version

  • 8k real-time playback of HEVC from NVIDIA GeForce 1060 onwards
  • 8k UHD2 Project Templates and Export Presets for HEVC
  • HDR preview
  • Color Space Handling
  • Import own effect lookup tables
  • new menu for selecting apertures in arranger
  • modern color picker in text editor
  • Templates: Layer Masks
  • improved performance of the OFX interface
  • In-App-Store: Purchase of single content items

Click here to go to the product page → https://www.magix.com/us/video-editor/video-pro-x/

Best regards