Remove me from your database and lists please.

Mike-Hickcox wrote on 11/14/2020, 1:26 PM

In installed Photo Manager and registred it. It loads, then encounters an error. It tries to send the error info to you, but that fails, too.

I finally just deleted the program. Please remove me from your lists.

Also -- I can't find any way to contact your company to send this info, except for this post.

Thanks, Mike Hickcox


johnebaker wrote on 11/14/2020, 1:38 PM



If you are referring to the forum, you can do that select your avatar top right of the page, select My profile, Settings, and delete your account.

If you are not using any Magix software then you need to email Magix at and have your account removed.

John EB
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emmrecs wrote on 11/14/2020, 1:45 PM


These are user to user forums, so no-one here can delete your Magix account or remove your name from any database lists. You need to contact and ask them to delete your account. Or you can go to your Magix online account and make the change yourself.

Any forum moderator can delete your forum account but, I have to ask, since this is your first post to the forums, why have you not asked for help here, nor, apparently, even attempted to open a support ticket with Magix?

Since you have deleted the program it would seem the decision is made, which is a shame. I assume you realise that simply "deleting" a program does not actually remove it from your computer, unless you mean you completely "uninstalled" it first?

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Mike-Hickcox wrote on 11/15/2020, 8:52 AM

Sorry about being in the wrong place -- a matter of frustration. I installed the program. It always triggered an error and attempted to send that info to the company. But that wouldn't work. Then I searched the website for some time for a form or email to use and couldn't find one. I did uninstall the program.

Thanks for responding.

- Mike