(Repeated registration process) - continuous fail

Ondrej-Vrabec wrote on 10/16/2020, 2:02 AM

Dears,greetings from Czech! Sorry to bother you and sorry for my English.

May anyone know an answer to this issue?: (please, see the enclosed photos,documenting my steps) I was sucessfully using Sound Forge 9 for couple years on my PC (Windows 10 Home). Suddenly the software asks for registration and thus cannot be opened anymore. After serial number was submited, the window says software is not properly installed. I have reinstaled it once with the same result. After that I have attempted to use the suggested optional registration process via magix website, but the verification codes I receive from there are always refused as invalid by the software. I have tried to contact technical support of magix, but I have only been told this service is not anymore available for products older than 12months and that they suggest me to buy new product (WTF???).

Thank you very much for your advice!

Best wishes



johnebaker wrote on 10/16/2020, 5:15 AM



Please remove the 2 pictures showing or blank out the Authentication numbers.

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Wilson-Nest wrote on 10/16/2020, 5:45 AM


I've ben using the sound forge 13 on my old laptop,but when i installed on my new laptop it won't register.how can i remove my former registration,and reinstall on my new laptop? Thanks

Wilson Nest

rraud wrote on 10/16/2020, 10:28 AM

Welcome to the Magix Sound Forge forum @Ondrej-Vrabec.

Go to the Magix Download Center. You will need your log-in info and enter the serial number for the version you wish to download. Alternately, log into to the Magix Service Center and click "My Products" . If your need to re-install, you may want to use a third-party uninstaller that cleans the left over data the default uninstall leaves behind,

Assuming you are trying to activate SF-9 online, you should use the same email address you used to activate SF-9 initially with Sony. I do not think the off-line registration works on the older versions (Sony or Sonic Foundry).




rraud wrote on 10/16/2020, 10:30 AM

@Wilson-Nest, please start a new thread.

Ondrej-Vrabec wrote on 10/16/2020, 11:48 AM

@rraud. Thank you very much for your useful advice. Will try steps!