condex wrote on 1/26/2021, 1:38 AM

First of all, it is in your interests to remove your serial number from your post. This forum is a user forum - not MAGIX Support - and is available for viewing by anybody who wants to access the forum.

Second, re the long existing elevated privileges problem that still exists for versions of SoundForge Pro released back in Sony days, please refer to the following post re possible ways of resolving the problem:

Once it occurs, the elevated privileges problem is likely to recur every 3 to 4 weeks. MAGIX released versions of SoundForge Pro (12 to 14) do not have this problem - give SFP14 a trial.

rraud wrote on 1/26/2021, 12:15 PM

If this is an 'Elevated Privileges' issue, and if you do not want to fock with the registry, (dangerous if you make a mistake), and it may reoccur after another Win 10 update, running SF as an administrator should allow it to launch.

Right-click the Sound Forge <.exe> launcher, (or shortcut), choose Properties> select the 'Compatibility' tab , under 'Privilege level', check-mark "Run this program as an Administrator"

Otherwise, we need more information to help you, Read **IMPORTANT!** - INFORMATION REQUIRED TO HELP YOU. This is a link to a Vegas Pro forum page, but much of it is universal to SF.

btw, welcome to the Magix Sound Forge users forum @jeonghoon-kim.