[Resolved] Sony SF Serial Number not recognized on Magix

JoaoA-Capocci wrote on 1/7/2021, 12:59 PM

I had to reinstall due to the burning of the hd, softwere is registered on the Sony website and when trying to get the activation code I am directed to the magix website and it does not recognize the serial number of my softwere. I have not found any active Magix e-mails to report the fact. I cannot activate the softwere.
Does anyone know any way to solve this problem
All the best to everyone
Joao A Capocci


emmrecs wrote on 1/7/2021, 1:40 PM


Welcome to the Magix user to user public forums, so confidential data like serial numbers should never be posted here. Hence I have removed it from your post.

Also, please don't post entirely in bold, it is considered as the forum equivalent of shouting or demanding attention!

I think you need to email infoservice@magix.net and explain the problem and ask for their help with your serial number, since t is my understanding that all existing customer data was passed to Magix when they bought the Sound Forge product line from Sony.


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rraud wrote on 1/7/2021, 1:54 PM

When you activate SF, you must use the same email address you used when you initially registered SF with SCS (Sony). That is the data Magix has and uses.

btw @JoaoA-Capocci, this is a public users forum and no one here is a Magix employee, including the moderators. FWIW, here is a link to Magix Customer Service.

JoaoA-Capocci wrote on 1/15/2021, 7:15 AM

Hello sir
Grateful for the support, the problem was quickly solved by Magix.
In summary the number left Sony's database