kenny-turner wrote on 11/3/2019, 10:04 PM

had been using MMM 2016; the revolta2 on that version had a "carnival" preset that i loved . recently bought the musicmakerplus 2018 edition from best buy. the revolta2 on this version only has a "best of" list of 16 presets. MY favorite "carnival" is not there, nore can i figure out how to get it. Is there a possible way of acquiring that preset to this version of mmm and revolta2?



johnebaker wrote on 11/4/2019, 2:52 AM



The preset program 41 Carnival(mw) it should be available under the ARP group and also from the menu - Programs, 1-128.

If you do not have it there, did you re-install all the Soundpools, Instruments and effects?


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kenny-turner wrote on 11/4/2019, 6:59 AM

Thanks, will check through that to be sure

browj2 wrote on 11/4/2019, 8:14 AM


Also, did you activate your 2016 version in the 2018 version? This should give you whatever you had with 2016, but there are some that you may have to download and install.

You may want to upgrade to the 2020 version which is free. Actually, the program is free; with Plus or Premium you get features, presets, some instruments and Soundpools. If you upgrade, you will have to click on the Download button to open the Download Manager and download and install everything - some things download but do not install automatically, so you have to go through the list to do the install part one by one.

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