rraud wrote on 1/12/2019, 12:47 PM

- Is this with the "Open with" context menu item?
- What format audio file types (WAV, MP3, MP4/AAC, other?
- Are you running SF Pro 12.1?
I can't duplicate this behavior with the aforementioned file types.

DJAlberto wrote on 1/12/2019, 1:08 PM

Hi Rraud.

That's right! open with option. It fails for any type of flie and I usually work with FLAC, WAV and MP3.

My version is 12.1 (Build 170) 64-bit.

As I can't attached the image, but it shows a screen with "Problem Report" title and saying "SOUND FORGE Pro has stopped working. I already pressed send button of this screen, explaining the problem and how to reproduce it.

I sent it one more time right now.

If you need further info, just let me know.

Maybe it have been loging the error in somewhere.

Thank you for your support.


rraud wrote on 1/12/2019, 4:55 PM

I tried 7 or 8 types of files (with and w/o VP-16 running and still cannot repro the behavior and I'm using an up-to-date Win 10. You may try an uninstall-reinstall using a third-party uninstaller that removes the previous SF registry entries, but that may be extreme if you can live with it otherwise. I have not read of this behavior prior and I can only suggest contacting Magix Tech Support, which I am not part of, nor am I an employee of Magix

DJAlberto wrote on 1/12/2019, 5:32 PM

Thank you Rraud, so much for your strong support.

I'll contact the Magix support.