routing MPC Beats into ACID PRO

H.J wrote on 6/30/2022, 8:39 AM

how do you route and record the inputs from the MPC Beats software into ACID PRO.
I can load MPC Beats as a VST but I do not know how to configure ACID pro to record the sequences/tracks from MPC Beats into ACID PRO 10.

This functionality works in other daws, but I can't figure out how to do this in ACID PRO (my go to DAW)


SP. wrote on 6/30/2022, 9:12 AM

@H.J Which audio and MIDI outputs does MPC Beats offer? Have you tried to connect them to the inputs in ACID?

If it doesn't offer any outputs, you could try this:

It could be possible with a virtual MIDI cable like LoopMIDI or LoopBe1. Install one of them and set the ACID tracks output to LoopMIDI or LoopBe1. Then in MPC beats set LoopMIDI or LoopBe1 as the MIDI input. You can then send the Audio back to ACID with a virtual audio cable like VB-Cable. Maybe it is easier if you are using a plugin like Blue Cat's Connector to send the Audio back to ACID. Depending on the MIDI-routing capabilities of MPC Beats you could also use Connector to send MIDI from ACID to MPC Beats. But MPC Beats must be able to route MIDI from Connector to the instrument you want to play. I don't know if MPC Beats can do this.