Samplitude 2023, Bld. 12 File menu entry "Export Midi File" greyed out

papa2jaja wrote on 11/6/2022, 8:48 PM

Please accept my apologies, but I can't find this in the manual. I'm also new to Samplitude and am just doing the first steps.

I am using a Valeton GP 200 as recording device (with ASIO driver) and have yesterday installed the EZDrummer 3 plugin. After that, the File menu entry "Export Midi File" has become inactive, it's greyed out. To the best of my knowledge I have not manually changed any settings regarding MIDI, and in the manual I don't find instructions where to look for the cause of this.

Could anyone here please help me out? Where do I have to look to find out what disables this menu entry?

Thank you very much in advance


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