Samplitude Pro X6 Suite - Where are the Independence Pro 70GB Files?

LTU4367 wrote on 12/29/2021, 7:27 AM

Hi All,

I've purchased Samplitude Pro X6 Suite (24th December 2021) and it is working well (I'm moving from Cubase to Samplitude) - The forum links that Users have posted to training videos are very helpful and I'm very grateful for all of this information.

Unfortunately the installer option does not show the 70GB image / data files for Independence Pro - It lists 2 files (Additional Content Pack 1 (1.7GB) & Additional Content Pack 2 (1.27GB)).

I have seen on the forums that some problems arise with not be able to find these 70GB image / data files on the computer or inside Samplitude once they have been installed - but this is not the problem I am having.

I am probably missing something really obvious and I just expected to see the 70GB image files in the downloading option within the Samplitude software but they are definitely not there - there are many Vita sound pack downloads and other items to download but no 70GB image files (split up into say 1GB from xx001.img to xx070.img.

I see that historically users have had a problems accessing the Technical Support ticket raising system - It appears that there are different sections of the Magix website requiring different logins and passwords and I am also finding that I can't login to the Technical Support ticket raising system - but my user account is fully working, listing all of my purchases and email / home address etc.

If any User is able to help that would be very much appreciated.




emmrecs wrote on 12/29/2021, 7:56 AM


Hi Tim.

Welcome to the Magix user to user forums.

First, are you aware there is a dedicated Samplitude Pro forum here? Because there are very few users of Samp Pro who visit and post here you might be best advised to register at and repost your question there.

Second, I don't know if this will help with the specific problem you have but have you tried logging into Producerplanet? I don't have Samp Pro but I do have the full Independence Pro and the installer and library files are listed and available to download from my account there.

If you cannot access Producerplanet or your account for any reason you could try emailing customer support via and asking for their help, though I know that not all staff are working this week.


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LTU4367 wrote on 12/29/2021, 8:25 AM

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the super rapid reply - very much appreciated.

I wasn't aware of the separate user forum for Samplitude Pro - (I admit to being a little lost at the multiple logins and passwords for navigating around the various Magix sites - I'm getting there slowly!)

I'll register on ProducerPlanet and start the downloads from there (thanks for that Jeff)

The email address is very helpful so I will log a ticket there.

I used Independence Pro some time ago and found it a very powerful sampler and very logical to use so I'm looking forward to using it again.



SP. wrote on 12/29/2021, 9:44 AM

@LTU4367 After installing the independence sampler you will also find a premium library installer that you need to run to download all the sound files.