Samplitude video support for AVCHD .mts files in Pro X4

annualgeneralmeeting wrote on 11/29/2019, 1:21 PM

Hi, I have an aged Panasonic GH2 that shoots in AVCHD and produces .mts files. I can't seem to open them in Samplitude Pr X4 directly. I have to convert them to .mp4 files with Handbrake first. It's not a deal breaker but direct support would be nice. Am I missing something?


browj2 wrote on 11/30/2019, 8:33 AM



I can open my mts files in Samplitude Pro X3, but they are from an aged Canon Vixia HFR21. Do you have X3? Do you have a short video clip, source, that you can upload to Dropbox or something that I can test?

Do you have Magix Movie Edit Pro or Video Pro X? If so, you can export to Magix' mxv format which works much better in Samplitude than any other format, according to my experience.

In case you're not aware of it, there is a dedicated Samplitude/Sequoia forum here. You have to sign up to see most of the content.

John CB

John C.B.

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annualgeneralmeeting wrote on 11/30/2019, 9:43 AM

Hi John. I am covered with embarrassment! You are absolute right Samplitude does open .mts files. Even though they aren't listed in the video file types. And I now remember what my exact problem was!! If I open the video (.mts file) and mix up some new audio I can't save it back to the original video file. It seems it has to be an .avi file for this bit to work. I have a similar problem with Digital Performer 10 - I have to convert to mp4 to loade the video and then export to mp4 in order to get DP to be able to write the new audio back to the file.

LIghtworks does all this without batting an eyelid but the audio features in there are pretty primitive. I don't have either of the Magix video editors, I think I used to have a license for Video Pro X maybe five years ago but at the time I got hooked on Lightworks. Just for the editing really. I will investigate mxv format.

I do vaguely recall a Samplitude forum but have long since lost my log in details. I'll rummage round and see if I can find them. Thanks for taking the time to answer such an inadequate question.

ta like Al.