Says "Not an HD project" then crashes

Michael-Butkus wrote on 9/10/2019, 1:13 AM

Whenever I first load up Music Maker 2019, it will work fine for about 10-15 minutes then a box appears that says "This is not an HD project!" and will freeze then crash immediately after. After it restarts, it will work fine for about 45 minutes to an hour then will freeze and crash again. My PC does not get hot while the software is running. I'm not sure how to fix it or what an HD project is.


johnebaker wrote on 9/10/2019, 3:26 AM


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Please read this topic and come back with more information on your computer specification and Music maker version number - details required are in the linked to topic.

The message you are getting is what I would expect to see in a video editing program - do you have any video on the timeline?

Does the message appear randomly or after a specific action, eg adding an effect or VST?

Do you have any 3rd party VST's installed?

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ralftaro wrote on 9/11/2019, 3:16 AM

Hi there,

I don't recall ever hearing this error message before. As John said, we'll definitely need more information here. If you did download from your original generation 2019 purchase installer, and you're currently still running version 27.x of the software, you might also want to make sure to update to version 28.x via the auto-update function in the program or via the following link first:

(If such an update was necessary, please make sure to log back into the in-app store system again with your MAGIX account, so you'll have full access to your purchased feature set and content.)

You should also consider contacting us via our official support to further investigate and troubleshoot this issue: