Selecting Multiple Channels in a 5.1 file

Jon-Urban wrote on 5/26/2022, 4:02 PM

In all past version of SF, I could double-click a single channel in a 5.1 file to highlight it, then hold down the 'ctrl' key and highlight another channel, then was able to copy those two channels to a new 5.1 file and put them where I wanted them in the file. (For example, if the C and LFE were in CH 5 and 6, I might want those channels in CH 3 and 4 in the new file)

Anyway, I cannot do this in SF16. I can doulbe-click the first channel as always to get it highlighted, but when I hold down the 'ctrl' key and click on the next channel I want to select, the cursor changes to some strange icon and it does not let me select the second channel - which means I now have to copy each channel by itself if I want to move the audio to a new empty file.


What's up with that?