Selling tracks made in Acid, Using Music Maker Soundpools/Loops

Ward-Ron wrote on 8/28/2018, 6:45 PM

I am not sure if it is possible for me to produce music, using the loops from Music Maker, in ACID, and sell them. I know I need licenses to sell them when using the program Music Maker, but I am unsure if I can produce the music with ACID, hold a License for the Music Maker Loops, and sell those, or if I can only sell them if I made them with the program Music Maker. Please help.


frank18 wrote on 8/28/2018, 11:12 PM

The actual soundpools sold with music maker are non-commercial. The ols soundpool dvd collections until version 16 can be used commercially, but are only available at ebay. At from magix you can purchase loops for commercial use. But they aren't cheap... Try loopcloud from loopmasters. Here you can also purchase loops but also get sime for free-and they have the best license policy in the market. You can use all loops commecially.

For producing your music, you can use any program.