SP. wrote on 2/6/2024, 5:47 PM

@Joe845 Have you contacted Sequoia has also a phone support number in the manual.

Joe845 wrote on 2/6/2024, 6:42 PM

I do not have the manual unless there was PDF, I/ve contacted but it's been radio silence for the last few days. Would you be able to share the phone number?

SP. wrote on 2/7/2024, 2:18 AM

@Joe845 You can find the manual here:

I think it should also be available in the program folder and via the Help menu.

Joe845 wrote on 2/7/2024, 2:47 AM

Thanks, would you happen to know the page number it may be on? I don’t have access to the program. It is not working for me as I don’t have a condemeter serial that’s working correctly.

Joe845 wrote on 2/7/2024, 5:08 AM

Thank you

ProAudioTeam wrote on 2/8/2024, 5:54 AM

Hello Joe845,

did you receive an automatic reply with your ticket number, possibly in the spam folder? We have not received a new ticket request from you. Please send us the ticket number.

Thank you and kind regards

Your Pro Audio Team

Joe845 wrote on 2/8/2024, 6:37 AM

I’ve had correspondence with the support team but have had radio silence since. I’ve emailed numerous times for answers with no response. I’ve spent a lot of money on this product and have not had a path forward to resolve the problem.



ProAudioTeam wrote on 2/12/2024, 4:17 AM

Thank you, we have found the ticket request.

The tool was frozen due to a technical problem when moving from the sales team to the support team and was therefore temporarily not visible. The support team will now solve the problem quickly and to your complete satisfaction.

Best regards

Your Pro Audio Support Team

Joe845 wrote on 2/12/2024, 5:12 AM

Thank you,I have received a reply this morning and I hope so.

Thanks again

Gregory-T wrote on 2/28/2024, 8:06 PM

I have similar problem. Ticket#2024022917000171

ProAudioTeam wrote on 2/29/2024, 2:51 AM

Hello Gregory-T,

thank you for your request, we have promptly forwarded the ticket with your inquiry to the responsible department.

You will receive further information by email shortly.

Best regards

Your Pro Audio Support Team

Bob-Sandifer wrote on 5/13/2024, 3:59 AM

I will admit the support I have with the Sequoia support team has been a bit odd but I am patient. One reply took me a couple of weeks and I think I'm going on a month on the last one but I did submit a new ticket. I actually just want some answers so I can buy the product.....😂

SP. wrote on 5/13/2024, 4:06 AM

@Bob-Sandifer Your questions before buying the software are usually covered by sales support at and not by technical support.

Technical support is, as far as I know, not possible without a valid software serial number, so you got lucky they even answered one of your tickets.

Bob-Sandifer wrote on 5/13/2024, 4:16 AM

The conversations started due to an issue with registration. I was then a customer for 10 months with several conversations again with registration and a missing upgrade that did not come through. So I did have conversations with both and I understand things do happen. My current wait is from sales but it started with service which was also being handled by sales. Anyway Im perfectly fine waiting until I get an answer. My situation is unusual but after being a Wavelab user for 2 decades I can hold out a bit longer. We are still building our PC's👍 Maybe this was the wrong thread to hijack but in the end.......I bet all will be good. Great company, great reputation and wonderful product.

Joe845 wrote on 5/30/2024, 7:18 AM

I would like to know how to transfer sequoia license to new computers as well as the code meter. I will be updating to a new PC and am interested in knowing the path to take to have a smooth transition

SP. wrote on 5/30/2024, 8:54 AM

@Joe845 Contact

Joe845 wrote on 5/30/2024, 9:42 AM

Thank you, I have contacted the email address you have given.