serial number and activation

DALALALA wrote on 11/26/2023, 1:39 PM

I bought i license for ACID Music Studio 10, got a link from the website, downloaded and installed it, activated the serial number code, and then got a message like to continue the registration process please restart your pc, I clicked on OK then got pop-up message to show me the field for putting activation code again, i did, and got the same message, to continue please restart you pc and just one option to click ok, I clicked ok, and got the same message, I reset my pc twice, but getting the same message, my serial number is correct because I getting the same number on the website, need assistance, please


SP. wrote on 11/26/2023, 4:38 PM

@DALALALA You bought it from Magix? Activating the serial number doesn't need a restart. Or have you bought an old Sony version?

DALALALA wrote on 11/27/2023, 6:07 PM

I bought it from Amazon with an official box with a key inside, and two disks, yes it was an old version of Acid music studio 10.0

SP. wrote on 11/27/2023, 7:18 PM

@DALALALA Without a picture of the box I would guess that's old stock of the Sony version. I suggest you contact customer support at and ask them to replace this version with a Magix version. Show them the your Amazon order confirmation. It is likely the Sony version will no longer work since Sony shut down the license servers. That would explain your problems. In the meantime you can install the free trial version and activate it for 30 days. It might take some days until the support will respond.

DALALALA wrote on 11/27/2023, 7:46 PM

SP. wrote on 11/27/2023, 8:26 PM

@DALALALA Was the box sealed? The discs are also by Magix?

DALALALA wrote on 11/27/2023, 8:56 PM

yes, it was, totally brand new, 2 discs never opened

emmrecs wrote on 11/28/2023, 5:44 AM


Two things are noticeable about that box, I think:

  1. Its physical condition strongly suggests it is not totally brand new, sorry.
  2. See the part of the image of the reverse of the box which I have highlighted below:

The label clearly states this is the "Old Version", i.e. the last one released by Sony. As @SP. suggested above, that is the reason your attempts to register the product have been unsuccessful.

I would strongly suggest you return the product to Amazon for a full refund and then consider purchasing direct from Magix, albeit it will be now version 11. If you do decide to do this I would also recommend downloading the Trial version of the program to test on your computer before you buy it!


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DALALALA wrote on 11/28/2023, 6:44 PM

thank you for your advise !!