Several questions about AMS v11 and compatibility w/Acid Pro 8.0/9.0

passionfly1 wrote on 4/7/2019, 3:21 PM

I know for a fact that Acid Music Studio 10 can NOT open up Acid Pro 8.0 files. I have both.
Since Acid Pro 8.0 does NOT support old Sony PCA format (older Sony Sound Forge) sound files from older version of Music Studio (formerly Sony Acid) and Acid Music Studio 10 does support and they play just fine.

  1. Does Acid Music Studio 11 open up Acid Pro 8.0/9.0 files?
  2. Does Acid Music Studio 11 support PCA format sound files now? (AMS v10 does!)
  3. Will the forthcoming Acid Pro 9.0 open up Acid Music Studio 11 files or will there be a perpetual 'keep-up-with-Jones' upgrade path?
  4. Will Acid Pro 9.0 finally support PCA format files? (...since Acid Pro 8.0 does not)

I do NOT want to upgrade my AMS 10 only to find out that its gotten even more ridiculously NOT backwards compatible with older formats that are currently supported by it (like PCA).

Sony released the PCA format back in 2001 and many older Acid songs have these embedded in their song collection. Some of these songs online are real gems and ONLY Acid Music Studio 10.0 opens and reads them. Opening these files in newer software like SoundForge 12.0 does NOT work and Acid Pro 8.0 completely CRASHES! (especially when I just played them in AMS 10 and they crash when playing in Acid Pro... its is NOT very "PRO" when it crashes for a format that the software originally created but can not support anymore. How "PRO" is this?

The correct fix for this would be to have the DLL that is allowing PCA formatted songs to open up in Acid Pro 8/9 as it is doing currently in Acid Music Studio 10 (not sure about 11 as I do not have it).

This is what trying to play a fully working file just played in Acid Music Studio 10 looks like when its played in Acid Pro 8 when it has PCA files in the tracks:


--brooks wrote on 4/13/2019, 2:59 AM

Same exact problem did you fix yours?

alan-b7280 wrote on 3/12/2021, 12:12 AM

Glad I saw this! I was talking to some guys who said to just upload the new version and try it. But - that'll overwrite the version I already have, which WORKS! I would've lost thousands of hours of work!

PAULJAMES-CHATMAN wrote on 4/7/2021, 7:14 PM

Hmmmm..makes me very glad, I kept both Sony ACID Pro 7 and Sony Sound Forge Pro 11. 😕

Since I can run both ACIDs side by side, I can't complain. I opened a old ACIDXpress file in MAGIX ACID Pro 10 (I got v9 first for the 64bit VSTs), and got the "media error" on the .pca load. Thinking it was file corruption, I re-opened in Sony's v7...and well, opened. 😐

I came here to see if MAGIX's v10 or later will accept .pca's. From what I'm reading ".pca is old" and "mpa & mpv are not popular enough". Oh, well. Glad I still kept my Sony software. Can't recall if v9 opened .pca's. 😒