SF 13 Pro ...new builds version history?

ste_c wrote on 1/24/2020, 5:45 AM

Since Jan 10th, I have twice run the sforge_dlm 'Download Manager' and have been able to install 2 newer updated versions of SF Pro 13 - all good; I'm very happy that SF is being continually supported. Thanks Magix.
I previously had build 100, then 124 appeared and yesterday I was able to get build 131.

But, I'm just wondering why Magix 'Update Notifier' or the 'Check for Updates' menu option in SF doesn't alert us to these updates?
A version history document would also be nice.

Anyway, thanks again Magix - keep up the good work.

(SF Pro 13 Suite, Waves v11 VST2/3 plugins [mostly] stable)