SF Audio Studio 12 - can't read audio tags

jbraner wrote on 8/21/2017, 6:20 AM


I've noticed that SF Audio Studio doesn't seem to know what to do with ID3 tags (for MP3) files and definitely is not aware of any (ie RIFF) tags for WAV files.

It seems to be able to write ID3 tags to MP3 files, but then it can't read them if you (re)open the file in SF. They are there if you look in a different editor though.

It has no idea about writing or reading tags (of any sort) in WAV files.

Is this a bug? Or am I expecting too much from "Audio Studio"? The pro version is way overkill for my needs, and I picked up Audio Studio so I can run a couple of 64 bit VSTs in it.

My ancient copy of Adobe Audition (ver 3) handles all the tags etc. easily, but I was hoping to wean myself off of this - and in to SF ;-)

Please let me know if I'm missing something.


John B



rraud wrote on 8/21/2017, 9:01 AM

I don't see any support fro reading/writing any metadata either. I usually use SF Pro or WinLAME encoder.

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 8/21/2017, 9:52 AM

@jbraner: Thank you very much for reporting this issue. Feedback like this is much appreciated and needed! We will fix this with the next update, which will be released either today or tomorrow.

Please update the patch via the auto-update function. If you have more feedback, which functions you are missing, or which functions are you a fan of. Feel free to let us know! 🙂

Best regards

jbraner wrote on 8/21/2017, 10:08 AM

Hi Mathias - thanks for your reply. I'll keep an eye out for the update ;-)

Did you see my other comment about the level ruler? (before I knew what it was called)

Everyone keeps thinking I'm talking about the meters - but it's the scaling on the grid when fully zoomed out. It really should read "round" numbers ;-)


John B

T.W. wrote on 8/22/2017, 12:43 PM

Hello John,

have you tried the update with the ID3 tag and wave meta data editor functions? is all proper working for you?



jbraner wrote on 8/22/2017, 2:40 PM

Hi Tom,

It's not working too well. I can save the id3 tag (and Audition can read them) but when I open the file again - Sound Forge only sees the title - not the rest of the fields? :-(

jbraner wrote on 8/22/2017, 2:44 PM

Also the RIFF tags in a wav file doesn't seem to work at all :-(

jbraner wrote on 8/22/2017, 2:53 PM

Sorry - the meta data editor IS working ;-)

I didn't realise it's a new menu option.

The id3 tags are not working correctly though.

EDIT (sorry, I couldn't edit from my phone - hence multiple posts) Also - when you exit the meta data editor, it turns off the grid (?)

T.W. wrote on 8/23/2017, 12:15 AM

Hello John,

with the update to build #226 also ID3 tags should work. Can you explain more in detail what is not proper working? Maybe a small screen record?



jbraner wrote on 8/23/2017, 3:55 AM

1- OK - I open a MP3 file and add tags



2- Now save the file and re-open it in Sound Forge - it only reads the title



3- Open the file in Audition, and all the tags are actually there



I re-opened in SF, and it was the same (only read the title)

4- If I open the file in Audition (which sees everything) and *save* the file in Audition, then re-open in SF, it can read the tags, except for the "year" tag. SF doesn't seem able to read this.


Does that all make sense?

John B


T.W. wrote on 8/23/2017, 5:58 AM

Hello John,

yes thats a good decription and we will look into it. I will report more later.



jbraner wrote on 8/23/2017, 6:53 AM

Thanks Tom - also it seems to be mixing up CDS track information with ID3 tags. They're not really the same are they?

T.W. wrote on 8/23/2017, 8:47 AM

no not really, with this dialog you can edit both.

And i have seen, that in some cases it is not working as you described. We are investigating the problem.