SF Pro 10 & Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

h16music wrote on 2/11/2019, 9:59 PM


SF Pro 12 has been giving me issues (I will start a different thread for that) so I decided to install SF Pro 10 on my new PC I built a couple of months ago. The new PC is running Windows 10 Pro (64 bit). I read somewhere else on these forums that as long as you don't have your new and old PCs running Sound Forge at the same time, you're allowed to have it installed on your newer device - as it works with the "one at a time" rule.

For the first month, I was able to run SF Pro 10 smoothly. But today after working within SF Pro 10 and closing it, I started getting this result (see screenshot) every time I tried to re-open the program.

After I hit the "next" button, it asks for me to allow administrator privileges to "Sony Application Registration Utility" so I click YES, then it disappears and stops whatever was going to run. However, if I try to load the software through "run as administrator" (aka. RAA) option, it loads perfectly fine ... but I cannot drag and drop files into there, I have to open files one-by-one using the "open" function instead.

I tried to do an uninstall and reinstall however I don't think it did a full uninstall, because when I reinstalled from the CD, it asked me to punch in my serial number again to load the software. But it would not let me open it normally, only the "RAA" way instead. Trying to reopen using the same way as before, just by clicking on the start menu button or the taskbar button gives me the same resulting process as described above.

What should I do?

I've rebooted the PC and still get same result. Did something get messed up within a Windows 10 Sound Forge registry item?

Please help if you can! ☺️


emmrecs wrote on 2/12/2019, 4:23 AM


Please read this thread, especially the post by @rraud who details the registry fix that is needed to resolve this problem.



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rraud wrote on 2/12/2019, 10:28 AM

Yes indeed, I need to do this registry tweak every few months with SF Pro 10 (or so it seems). Naturally heed the warnings if tweaking the registry,

Sound Forge Pro 12 does not have this recurring annoyance In my experience.. Not sure about Pro 11, I do not have installed on a Win 10 PC.

h16music wrote on 2/12/2019, 5:20 PM

So if I don't touch anything else in the registry and I only delete the one item as per the other thread, I won't have any issues with Windows and stability of running the OS?

rraud wrote on 2/13/2019, 10:42 AM

No you should not have any issues if you follow the instructions. I have needed to do this more than a few times.