SF Pro 14 error code - device not available...partial solution found

BScott-Fischer wrote on 1/7/2021, 7:44 AM

January 6, 2021

Hi Rick...you've helped me before...I hope you can now. (W10-SF Pro14) Today all of a sudden my options / settings don't seem to work. I get the error code" the device is not available". I use an MTrack Quad for my "line in" and MS Sound Mapper OR Classic wave driver as the playback. I've restarted the program, MTrack, and the computer several times. I reset the sample rate to 2 channel 44.1 hoping that would work...no luck. Please set me straight as to how to fix this - the settings I should use...because I have to constantly open options/ preferences / audio between recording and editing every time and switch between playback and record...kind of a pain...but at least it still works!

Thanks very much - I appreciate your helping all of us!

Scott Fischer



8:40 AM

Rick...I unmuted the mic...now everything works as normal...EXCEPT I have to turn down off my monitors totally while recording...no biggie...but not what was normal! Still open foe suggestions.

Scott Fischer


rraud wrote on 1/7/2021, 10:46 AM

I have to turn down off my monitors totally while recording.

I am not sure what you mean by turning off the monitors @BScott-Fischer. Does that mean powering them down or turning down the volume in the PC or disabling them in the PC?

This may help though, go to "View> Record Options " and set the 'Monitor' pull-down menu to 'OFF' or 'AUTO' . Some devices cause a loop situation with the 'monitor' setting enabled, resulting in runaway feedback.

BScott-Fischer wrote on 1/7/2021, 3:09 PM


My apologies for my typo - this happens when ever I'm in a hurry it seems!

I did mean to say that I had to turn the monitor volume off - (all the way down) or I would get feedback/echo while recording.

I followed your advice and opened "View> Record Options " and set the 'Monitor' pull-down menu to 'OFF'! It worked like a charm! I have no idea how it got turned on? I don't remember fiddling with it. It might be my grand daughter who was in the studio over the weekend...I'll check with her.

Many thanks for being there for all of us!

Scott Fischer



BScott-Fischer wrote on 1/6/2023, 1:50 PM


I'm back to square one of sorts...I now have to (all of a sudden) in SF Pro 16 (W10) manually switch in Options/Preferences /Audio between my input and output - recording and editing. I have been using MS soundmapper with no problem whatsoever. My Record input is my MTrack-QUAD...my output is MS soundmapper or Win classic. This now happens in both SF Pro 15 & 16. I can't remember how to set these up - don't know what I did to change things from working normally - not having to switch between input and output in options...what a pain!

I'd appreciate your thoughts as you always bail me out!


Scott Fischer

rraud wrote on 1/6/2023, 3:03 PM

Seasons greetings @BScott-Fischer.

If this behavior happened in both SF 15 and 16, I would suspect a Windows sound settings, or in MTrack's settings (which I am not familiar with).

In Windows sound settings, confirm the MTrack-QUAD is set as the default in both Record and Playback?

If all else fails, try Windows 'System Restore', in the Windows 'Control Panel' and select 'Recovery> Open System Restore'.
If you do not see an early enough restore point, check-mark the box, "Show more restore points" choosing a restore point prior to when the current issue occurred.

BScott-Fischer wrote on 1/6/2023, 3:51 PM

Hi again Rick,

I'm doing the system restore now...my old Dell takes forever to reboot.

In regads to you question..NO... M-track has always been set for record and MS Sound mapper for playback.

I'll let you know what transpires...THANK YOU!


rraud wrote on 1/7/2023, 10:10 AM

In my experience, System Restore can take an hour (more or less) on the PCs I have ran the procedure on.

FWIW and as I recall, Win 98 and before did not even have a 'restore' UI and had to be done with a command prompt.

BScott-Fischer wrote on 1/7/2023, 11:30 AM

No luck...system restore would not change back...I'm backing up everything and calling Dell support.