SF13 deleting audio

Janine-Marr wrote on 12/20/2019, 2:48 PM

When I use the fade in and out functions in SF13, it may delete an entire sesction of audio beyond the fade. When I save a file, it may delete a section of audio. I also have to save every 5-10 key strokes or the system crashes and I lose all changes. I am using a new HP windows 10 with no other pages open or programs running when using SF. I have been using SF since the beginning with Sonic Foundry and never had this problem until SF13. Anyone have these issues? This used to be my favorite program...


rraud wrote on 12/21/2019, 9:28 AM

I have not personally experienced any of loss of data, of the other abnormalities you describe. I do however recall a comment or two of data loss whilst recording with SF.

Off-hand, the only bugs I can think of is the 'Extract Regions' process which crashes Pro 13 (64 and 32 bit versions), and the Graphic Fade envelope bug.. which is unverified and may be unique to my set-up. Magix is aware of the Extract Regions issue and that will be "fixed in the next update".

Janine-Marr wrote on 1/22/2020, 5:22 PM

I updated the program a couple of days ago and am still having the same issues. I was trying to meet my deadline for posting a podcast tonight and while saving what was going to be my last save, SF13 chose to delete almost all of the program. I am very unhappy!!! Again, no other programs are running, no other windows are open. Save is not saving the complete file.