SFAS 15 Keeps asking for activation

Paul-Richards wrote on 10/11/2022, 11:59 AM

After a power failure I had to reinstall SFAS 15. When install did activation with my SN. It activated the program. Now every time I start SFAS 15 it shows the screen to activate it. Both green check marks are there, and I click on activate and it does it again. This happens every time I start SFAS 15.


rraud wrote on 10/11/2022, 1:01 PM

Hi @Paul-Richards, try deactivating and reactivating. You can deactivate in Sound Forge in the 'Help' menu: "Deactivate the software on this PC" .. or in your Magix Service Center account > "My products". Select the pertinent product from the list and click "Show more details" and "Deactivate" the PC that is misbehaving.
A user recently reported that uninstalling and reinstalling resolved the issue, but I would recommend trying the deactivate> reactivate procedure first.

Paul-Richards wrote on 10/12/2022, 11:41 AM

Thank you for the tips, I first tried to deactivate it then activate via my Magix Service Center account. That didn't fix the problem. Then I made sure my computer was up to date and did a restart. Then I deactivated it and uninstalled it. Reinstalled and activated it and that fixed the problem. Thanks for your help.