john_barr wrote on 12/8/2022, 9:29 AM

People buy Sound Forge to have issues.

rraud wrote on 12/8/2022, 10:41 AM

Hi @john_barr, I cannot duplicate the behavior you are experiencing with (VST-2 (x64) and VST-3 (x64) LoudMax. v1.42 functions normally as a single plug-in and in a Fx chain. I tested with SF Pro-15 and 16.1 (current builds) on a Win 10 PC with the latest update.

john_barr wrote on 12/8/2022, 11:16 AM

Hi rraud. LoudMax v1.42 VST2, 64bit works fine.

john_barr wrote on 12/8/2022, 11:38 AM

I tested on Win 11 PC 22H2, 22621.900

rraud wrote on 12/8/2022, 2:04 PM

I do not have a Win 11 PC. Maybe another Win11 user with it can test LoudMax v1.42 VST 3.. I wonder if it works in Vegas Pro 20.. Earlier versions of Vegas Pro did not support VST-3.

Does LoudMax v1.41 VST-3 work normally.

john_barr wrote on 12/8/2022, 5:32 PM

LoudMax v1.41 VST3 happens the same problem.

john_barr wrote on 12/9/2022, 10:39 AM

I tested LoudMax v1.42 in SFP 15 and this problem does not happen.

john_barr wrote on 12/9/2022, 10:48 AM

The problem is in SFP 16 and not in Windows 11.

john_barr wrote on 12/10/2022, 12:33 PM

It's unfortunate to see software that has been around for a long time getting worse. Other DAWs (Audition, Reaper) don't have the problems that Sound Forge does. Some people don't like the complaints I make. I would like to see Sound Forge running smoothly. But that seems impossible.