Sharing Music Projects

Smokeylungz2576 wrote on 11/6/2019, 1:53 PM

I have a friend that bought MMM plus on windows 10 and is making music lovely. I bought MMM premium on windows 10 and I have projects as well. One of the reasons I bought the program the program was so me and him can share music projects. I'm still looking threw the samplitude and sound forge programs I have also. He has samplitude also.


browj2 wrote on 11/6/2019, 3:16 PM


If you are both using Soundpools, it would be best if you each had the same ones on your computer.

To share a project and its components, go to File, Backup, Save project and used media. Save it a new folder. Zip up that folder and share the zipped file with your friend.

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