Since version 3.0 I cannot register my upgrades

Ralph-Jones wrote on 9/18/2018, 6:34 PM

I've owned this product since early days. Up to v 3.0 I have been able to register it. When I bought the 4.0 upgrade, I was unable to register it:

1) In the registration dialog the program presents on first launch, the login & password that I used to buy it on the website isn't accepted.

2) When I sign in on the website and try to register it, the serial number that I copy/paste from the confirmation email isn't accepted.

Now I've bought the 5.0 upgrade, and the same thing happens. This should be easy, but I've hit the wall. Online tech support is no help; SpectraLayers isn't even listed among the product options that it presents for starting a request.

Has anyone encountered this? How did you solve it?

Ralph Jones


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