so if i dont use multi core support will it cause issues with MMM2019?

Viking.hamster wrote on 8/17/2019, 5:24 PM

why oh why is multicore support not active as defult? i have it its there but just not activated? why?this must be active as standard people dont have less than 4 cores these days i mean even the r3 and i3 are 4 cores and who would be useing one that isnt anyway?lets face facts magix music maker is a massive power junky once you get creative i mean start chopping a few samples add a automation to a track and put it in repeat and you will see performance drop intantly. make this standard option as ON.

ive had massive issues with magix music maker 2019,i had thought it was fixed it was not,from soundpools no longer being downloaded even though ive downloaded them like 50 times to constant crashes within 3-5 mins of starting up magix,as you can imagin im sterting to regret even paying for magix.

ive been a supporter of magix for meany years,i had the original magix dance way back in 2000something and even though it was simple as hell i found it way beeter than Ejay that i was useing at the time,ive owned the last few magix premuim virsions and bought more than a few soundpools over the last few years so meany infact i would hate to even work out the cost just in those soundpools alone.

ok i get its now freemium model for magix and all options are in that paid model but imho its what will ruin this program,persoaly magix is quite a simple DAW, and there are far better DAWs out there, with FLstudios basic virsion at the same price point as magix with massively better performance and meany more free plugins with much higher pro tools it may not be long before people start to jump ship.


i5 9600k@4.4ghz

16gb@3000mhz ram

gtx 1070 8gb virsion

on board soundcard with asio4all v2 driver


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