so still this DAW disapoints me,still so broken.

Viking.hamster wrote on 9/24/2019, 3:07 PM

hi all

so over the last few days i now have some new issues ive not had before,first is something ive read about before and that is reverse function doesnt work lol kinda pain in the butt but hay i can live with it hope it gets fixed soon though lol.

second problem is kinda frustrating and its to do with exporting in mp3.

so as a heads up im getting alittle more adventures and useing more FX and plugins,also useing the ozone eliments 8 too

so tonight i had a few problems first the program kept putting up an error of "ran out of memory" this is a new error and seems to be due to repeting a small section of the track(about 16 bars).over and over.after this problem i restarted the program as it was being quite sluggish and all seemed ok.

second problem is kinda frustrating and its to do with exporting in mp3.

so after exporting to mp3 i tried listining to the track and after 50seconds the music stopped but the counter kept going,i just thought i had only exported so much of the song but i had exported all the track.

second atempt did the same thing so this time i decided to reboot the pc and see if that worked,it did but it now mixed with some vocals missing.

third atempt and the same as the first 50 seconds and no sound?

so im pritty confussed some old issues seemes fixed but some new ones now are here lol can say im getting irritated once again.

system is -

i5 9600k

16gb ramm

onboard sound

win 10 64bit

MM2020, ver,28,0,1,19



so may have fixed the issue of track not exporting correctly,but could also be a bug.

so while mixing the track i played with a volume curve on the outro useing the track volume curve,as i needed to do around 8 tracks i kinda got fed up and changed my mind it wasnt sounding right anyway so just turned them off,so i thought anyway.

as the track didnt fade out i assumed the track volume curve was no more and moved on to something else but it seemed as it may be bugged, untill i went in and reset the volume curves on all the tracks the song just would not work after 50 seconds after export once reset all was good and ful track was exported with no issues.


re edit


so no its bnot fixed lol still broken


just dont get how this program ive paid so much money for to use just constantly braeks its just disapointing so far


ralftaro wrote on 10/11/2019, 5:27 AM

Hi there,

Sorry to hear about your problems.

As far as the issue with the reversing of the playback direction of an audio clip goes, this seems to only happen under very specific circumstances. It was reported by a few users since the release of this current product generation, but never with a reliable description to replicate the problem here. At one point, we thought we had replicated it here, but when it actually came to the analysis and fixing of the problem, this turned out to be a pretty elusive issue once again. :-( So, if you can provide the necessary details and enable use to reliably produce the problem, we'll gladly give it another go. Thanks.

As far as the second, bigger problem goes, I'm not really clear on the current status of that issue. If that issue was somehow specific to that project, because of something you had done with the use of track volume curves, and you had already sorted out this issue somewhere along the line and successfully mixed down the project to MP3, then how did this problem return? Does it still affect the same project now when doing further work on it and trying to export again? Or did you manage to replicate it on another project, also by using track volume curves? I'm not sure I can follow that. If you can reliably replicate this issue, I'd be happy to hear more details. In the meantime, I'll also fiddle around with track volume curves and exports to see whether I can make the problem happen.



ralftaro wrote on 10/11/2019, 8:48 AM

UPDATE: So, I played around with this a little, as far as your main problem with the unexpected silence on the exported file and the potential involvement of track volume curves goes. I did notice the following quirk with track curves, and was wondering whether this could be part of your problem.

So, basically, here's what's happening: You enable a track curve for the automation of a particular effect (e.g. volume), either via the "FX" drop-down menu in the track header, or via the context menu that you can open up from an empty space on that track. You then set up your automation curve for that effect, either by placing and moving handles in regular mouse mode, or by drawing in a nice curve in automation mouse mode. When you play back the arrangement, you will hear the effects of the curve on that track (e.g. volume changes). Now, if you open the "FX" drop-menu or track context menu again and disable the visualisation of that particular effect right away (by clicking the same effect again to take out the check mark), it will not just turn off the visual curve, but will actually disable the effect. This is not how it's supposed to work. This doesn't happen if you switch over from one track curve effect to another one right away, e.g. going from the visualisation of volume to the visualisation of the panorama curve. You can gain back the effect for which you set up the initial automation simply by turning on the visualisation for it again. So, it's still somewhere in the background, as it should be.

I can imagine that this is part of your problem. You could have taken some steps in the program that resulted in the "fade out" volume curves to be enabled again, even though you had come to the conclusion that they are no longer there somewhere along the line, because you couldn't hear their effect due to the bug described above.

So, your solution would be to make sure to enable the visualisation of the volume curve again for each relevant track, one by one, and then use the "Reset visible track curve" on each of those tracks. This way you can be sure that no track is impacted by any unwanted volume automation any longer.

Maybe this helps to point you in the right direction. I'll pass the problem above on to development.