So very disappointed. Lack of response.

vini wrote on 2/6/2019, 1:40 PM

I have tried very patiently to resolve a serious problem with my install of Music Maker 2016. I have tried Facebook contact.....Nothing. I have tried via the community to contact customer services and technical help....Nothing. What is the problem here? I constantly receive updates to the latest version adverts. Do they really expect me to spend more money on a program that will not work properly? It seems the customer services has no intention in helping me at all. My laptop is fine I have had no other issues with other software. This all started happening just shortly after I started getting update adverts. have spent a lot of my money on soundpools and the initial outlay on the program disc itself and I can not use them. I am led to believe the program has something written into the software so they can **** it up when they feel like it? I hope I am wrong. But I am going to look into this. I am also going to see if I can legally get my money back through my credit card supplier for buying something that I can not use. All I want is for MAGIX to offer up some kind of help. Or even a response telling me to **** off if that's how they feel? Not just to continuously ignore me. Its such a shame because I have enjoyed using the program and I looked forward to more but no way if this is what you get in return.


emmrecs wrote on 2/6/2019, 2:00 PM


First, you need to understand these forums are for user-to-user support; they are not a method of contacting Magix customer or technical support.

Second, MMM 2016 is now quite an "old" version so may not function properly under any very up-to-date version of Windows. Also, the age of your software does not, unfortunately, entitle you to free support (such support is offered for one year from the date of purchase. All current versions of Magix products are offered with an annually-renewable update service, which includes support.) So, if you wish to receive direct support from Magix staff, rather than other users, you need to click the Contact button in the footer of any forum page and follow the links provided there. Inevitably, I think, that will involve you "buying" a support ticket (?about £10?).

Third, I have looked at your posting history to see what you have previously posted to ask for help. The post is here. It has, indeed, received no replies but perhaps that is because no other user has any advice to offer, but also because we know absolutely nothing about your computer (we can't see it or see what you have tried to do to correct the problem!!). Please read this post and give us ALL the information requested. With that, it may be possible for another user to suggest a course of action to help you!

BTW, you will see I have edited your post to remove a word which is unacceptable in a public forum, to which minors can and do have access. Please do not use such language in your posts, thank you.

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