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John-Ventimiglia wrote on 12/23/2020, 4:28 PM

I have 2.0 - I am also having issues with Soundforge 11

Seems this is where I am dumped to get support? Well, since I have no other choice..... Moving to a new computer has been hell. Running software prompts top register, I get an activation code I cannot copy, and have nowhere to enter, I get emails saying product was successfully registered, but can't run the software because it wants me to register, register offline at goes to a blank screen after entering se3rial and machine ID both on Firefox and Edge. No download - complete failure! How am I supposed to get tech support for this?


SP. wrote on 12/24/2020, 6:48 AM

@John-Ventimiglia SpectraLayers is now a Steinberg software. Ask them for support.

For Soundforge registration problems you need to ask

John-Ventimiglia wrote on 12/24/2020, 9:12 AM

Do you work for Magix? If so, it would have been helpful to see this info when I logged in and saw SpectralLayers listed in my products, and maybe some intelligence in the registration software not to waste my time by trying to register me. In any case, appreciate the belated information. Thanks.

emmrecs wrote on 12/24/2020, 11:55 AM


These are user to user forums, no-one who regularly posts here is a Magix employee so there is nothing for anyone here to tell you when you logged in.

Sony sold Spectralayers to Magix several years ago, they in turn sold it to Steinberg about two years ago. The latest version is 7, so your version 2 is now very old. When the sale was made to Magix it is my understanding that all the registration details for existing users/owners of the software was also transferred to Magix. I believe, this data was, in turn, passed to Steinberg. Hence the recommendation from @SP. to contact them.


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