Some plugins won't import into MM Premium 2019 (self-resolved)

Michael-Sherbrooke wrote on 11/24/2018, 12:08 PM

Hi, I'm having an issue installing plugins like Synth 1, Kontakt, Guitar Rig, Reaktor and a few others into my Music Maker Premium 2019 edition. I have everything setup correctly in the directories, in fact, all of my other plugins that are set up the exact same way such as Artemis, TyrellN6, and PooBoy 2.0 have all imported easily and without any issues. For some reason it just seems to just be the first plugins I mentioned above that aren't importing for whatever reason even though as I said earlier, the directories are correct. Any one know how I can resolve this? I really want to start using things like Shreddage through Kontakt for my mixes again like I used to back in the day...

Thank you in advance! 😅



After continuing my seemingly fruitless efforts to resolve the matter myself I was able to find that there were .dll's for my VSTs that installed in separate directories on a different drive for whatever reason and going to the dll location instead of the AAX plugin location seems to have resolve the issue. That is still a bit odd to me though since TyrellN6 is in the AAX format as well but that one imported without any issues. Might be something for the development team to look into but at least I'm in business now. XD


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