Songs get wiped when I save.

John-Nation wrote on 11/8/2019, 8:45 PM

Well, the title is kind of self-explanatory.

I just updated the program today. I went to edit a midi line of an old song as I was perusing through my old saves, and when I hit the save button, all was well. That is until I went to reload the file and find that every single track in the song has been cleared. Kind of infuriating, knowing I had no backup files of the song that I just lost that I wrote over two years ago. I went to another old song, made a copy file of it just to be safe, and did the same thing - just changed a midi line, then saved the file. Again, upon reloading it, the file was wiped clean. I just wanted to know if other people were having this kind of problem? Or, alternatively, when I can use this software again without worrying about having to cry over losing dozens of hours of work to a bug? I know there's been saving issues with the program for a while now where trying to copy and paste midi objects that have been split in two just deletes them upon reloading (which already has caused me enough suffering) but until I'm told that this is fixed, I will not be using the software because it is unusable.



Software: Music Maker, updated as of November 8th 2019

Other stuff: Windows 10.0.17763 x64, Intel i7-4710HQ CPU @2.50GHz, GTX 860M, 8 Gigs of RAM


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