johnebaker wrote on 6/15/2017, 7:34 AM


. . . Photostory Slideshow . . .

What is the full program name and version number as found under Help, About . . . ?

. . . . I have already sorted all my photos into numerical order . . .

Was this before importing in the slideshow wizard or after?

If before, what did you do to get them numerical order , eg did you rename them with numbers as the name outside of Photostory, if not what method did you use to sort them ?

Please read this topic and come back with more detailed information

John EB

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goorawin wrote on 6/15/2017, 4:47 PM

Thank you for your reply
The version of Photostory Deluxe is:

The computer is running windows10 Pro Intel core i7. 16GB Ram with a Nvida GTX 650 graphics card, not that any of this would make any difference to my question.
I do all the sorting outside Photostory as the images are used in a printed Album.
The program I use is Irfanview. Here the images are renumbered from 0001 up. So it has nothing to do
with the date.
Sorting in Photostory Wizard is quite good for a small number of photos
but then if you make one mistake you have to start again from that point. The other issue is they cannot then be exported in that order.
If you put the photos direct into the program they stay in order but then you cannot use the wizard to apply effects,
duration etc.
So what do you suggest is the solution?

Thank in advance