Sound Distortion

parrych1 wrote on 6/29/2008, 6:50 AM
I have just purchased a copy of 'Rescue your videotapes', but I have got an issue with sound distortion when I try to record. If I try to use anything but MXV format for the recording quality, all I get is a distorted sound quality. Even when I do use the MXV format, I have to reset and reselect the audio driver. Any ideas to resolve this?


videoleif wrote on 7/1/2008, 3:38 PM
If the resulting sound recording is distorted, it is often due to high audiolevel from your player. If you overload the analog/digital converter, you get very nasty distorsion. The cure is to reduce the audiolevel from the player. Often you may find an alternative connection with lower level - else you need some sort of attenuator, which simply is a device to turndown audiolevels. Usually found in some electronics stores.