rraud wrote on 9/25/2018, 11:52 AM

You may want to try going to C:\Program Files\SOUND FORGE\SOUND FORGE Pro 12.0/Forge120.exe" right-click and select 'Properties> Compatibility' and check mark "Do this for all users" and "Run as administrator" You could do this on a shortcut as well.

I do not recall reading of many 'elevated privilege' issues in SF Pro 12, another option is to uninstall SF with a third-party uninstaller. Many folks use the free version of Revo Uninstall which removes leftover reg entries that are usually left behind using the Win uninstaller. If you decide to do this, see this post for downloading SF Pro 12.1 and to restore most of your presets and display settings.

With SFP 10-11, the well known 'Elevated Privileges' issue is 'normally the result of Win 10 updates, whcih requires a registry tweak short of a SFP reinstall,. . I have needed to do this more than a few times with Sound Forge Pro 10. I recall this happens on Sound Forge Pro 11 occasionally as well... but I do not have SFP 11 on a Win 10 PC,.. so far, it has not been necessary (at least for me) and there are no privilege issues with Pro 12.

I do not know the registry tweak specifics for SF Pro 12 at this time. If anyone does, please post.

In any case, a registry editing warning: "Using a Registry Editor incorrectly can cause serious system-wide problems and may require a re-install of the Windows OS to correct". So don't go there if you do not know specifically what your doing,