Sound Forge 16: Trend Micro blocks VST scanner as RANSOMWARE

Ted-Kerin wrote on 10/18/2022, 8:00 AM

When I installed Sound Forge 16 (Windows 10), Trend Micro Antivirus blocked the VST plugin scanner as RANSOMWARE, and even said that my files had been encrypted and I'd need to restart to fix it. (It did appear to be a real Trend Micro pop-up, not one of those weird ransomware spam pop-ups.) After restart, Trend Micro gave me the option to delete the Magix plugin scanner, which I did -- and it seems I have all my plugins installed to Sound Forge anyway. But every time I start Sound Forge 16, I am prompted that the plugin scanner is not found. Any ideas to make that message go away? Anyone else seen this issue?


SP. wrote on 10/18/2022, 8:20 AM

@Ted-Kerin You need to reinstall the program because you let your antivirus delete the VST scanner. You better uninstall your antivirus.

Ted-Kerin wrote on 10/18/2022, 8:54 AM

Thanks. That makes sense, as a way to get rid of the prompt about the missing VST scanner. But the Ransomware warning was very concerning, and may happen again when I reinstall. Are these "false positive" virus warnings a known issue, either with Trend Micro or other AV programs, when installing Sound Forge 16? I don't temember having this issue with installing versions 14 or 15.

raphael-j wrote on 10/19/2022, 6:02 AM

You can also try to create an exception within the anti-virus software for the four scanner .exe's.

Next patch will update signatures of the installed files, this should also prevent false positive warnings.

Ted-Kerin wrote on 10/19/2022, 6:06 AM

Thanks again! It turned out to be (in case anyone else encounters this) a conflict between the Sound Forge VST scanner and the Accusonus ERA bundle program, which Trend Micro saw as the VST scanner trying to alter my files. I OK'd the VST scanner in Trend Micro as you suggested, and all is fine. I am now enjoying Sound Forge Audio Studio 16.