Sound Forge 17 Pro 32 Bit Float Recording with Zoom F6

Phil-Lewin wrote on 11/27/2023, 2:58 PM

So If I start my zoom F6 in multi track float audio interface. I can record successfully in wavelab pro.If I select new file in sound forge and select 32 bit (IEEE float) and hit record I get the error:-

An error occurred during the current operation.

An unsupported media type was requested.

Details:- In 1/In 2 does not support 32-bit floating point input.

If I select 32 bit (non float) then it records fine and saves 32 bit wav.

I cannot find any examples of anyone recording 32 bit float via audio interface with sound forge pro 17 or older.

Anyone else got a Zoom F6 or other device with 32 bit float interface capability and has it working?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.






rraud wrote on 11/27/2023, 4:16 PM

I do not think Sound Forge can natively save FP32 files. Email Magix customer service for a definitive answer. ( )'

I have imported FP32 (floating point 32 bit) files in Sound Forge Pro many times, but they were previously recorded. If you have a recorder that supports FP32, why do you need to record to Sound Forge.

Phil-Lewin wrote on 11/28/2023, 1:48 PM


Specs for SF Pro 17 say it supports 32 and 64 bit float. I just loaded a 32 bit float wav and save as has all of the options to save including as 96000Hz 32 bit (IEEE Float) Stereo PCM(float).

I can record on the F6 and then copy over and import the 32 bit float files but this is the step I want to skip. I want to use audio interface and record directly into sound forge and save on PC.

Original problem is I am getting Audio: 96,000 Hz, 32 Bit, Stereo, PCM being recorded via the F6 audio interface in Multi Track Mode Float. Saving to disk and loading in VLC shows codec playback:- Codec: PCM S32 LE (s32l), Sample rate: 96000 Hz, Bits per sample: 32. So is it sound forge converting audio interface 32bit float to 32bit integer behind the scenes?

Checking audio interface with VB-Audio ASIO Test It shows:-

#0001 ------------------------------------------------------
#0002 (64Bits) TEST ASIO DEVICE: ZOOM F6 ASIO Driver
#0003 PREPARE DEVICE: sr:96000 Hz / buffer: 2048 smp / in: 6 / out: 4
#0004 Latency: in:2298 smp / buffer: 2048 smp / out: 5383 smp / total: 101.34 ms
#0005 Must Call ASIOOutputReady(): YES
#0006 -----------------------------------------------------------
#0007  ASIO Buffer 0 / Input / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (In 1)
#0008  ASIO Buffer 1 / Input / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (In 2)
#0009  ASIO Buffer 2 / Input / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (In 3)
#0010  ASIO Buffer 3 / Input / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (In 4)
#0011  ASIO Buffer 4 / Input / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (In 5)
#0012  ASIO Buffer 5 / Input / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (In 6)
#0013  ASIO Buffer 6 / Output / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (Out 1)
#0014  ASIO Buffer 7 / Output / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (Out 2)
#0015  ASIO Buffer 8 / Output / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (Out 3)
#0016  ASIO Buffer 9 / Output / type:19 / ASIOSTFloat32LSB (Out 4)
#0017 -----------------------------------------------------------

As mentioned in original post WAVLab pro recognised and used 32 bit float from audio interface and saved 32 bit float as expected (This was a 30 day trial and just missed out on black Friday sale).

Anyone using 32 bit float audio interface with sound forge pro 17?

SP. wrote on 11/28/2023, 2:17 PM

@Phil-Lewin Is the Zoom ASIO driver selected in the Sound Forge program preferences?

32 Bit float only has 24 Bit precision, as far as I know, so you would lose 8 Bits of data for each sample compared to 32 Bit integer. But I don't think that this will matter, since the analog digital converter for your microphones aren't good enough to convert such a big signal-to-noise-ratio and it's likely the microphones have an much lower ratio than that.

Phil-Lewin wrote on 11/28/2023, 3:30 PM


Yes using the Zoom F6 ASIO Driver in Soundforge.

32 bit float or 32 bit linear is in no way inferior to 24 bit in any situation in terms of recorder. I just wanted an easy to use 32 bit float setup but it seems audio software still hasn't caught up (or I am doing something dumb). Just looking for validation on my original issue before raising a ticket for a bug fix.

cdxp wrote on 7/10/2024, 3:46 AM

Was there ever a resolution or setting to resolve this ?

I am using Sound Forge 18 Pro with a Zoom UAC 232 interface purchased specifically to play with this feature and it wont record configured to 32 bit Float. I'm hoping this isnt a marketing department pretending to support a feature when they dont.Seems to work OK in other DAW software.

rraud wrote on 7/10/2024, 10:41 AM

Have you first selected 'File> New> 32 Bit (IEEE Float)'.. I do not have an Zoom UAC 232 to try out, but SFP-18 records with my FP32 bit Sound Devices interface.

cdxp wrote on 7/10/2024, 10:48 PM

Yes - not sure if you can see the compilationof screenshots I posted but both SF18 and the Zoom UAC 232 are set to 32 Bit float .

As soon as I hit record it says in1/2 does not support 32 bit float, unsupported media type requested, one or more audio devices do not support the current sample rate / bit depth.

Same session, same computer same settings work fine in Reason Studios.

Zoom do not list Sound Forge in their supported applications but i'd hoped that was a lack of testing not lack of working.


Phil-Lewin wrote on 7/15/2024, 11:47 AM

Nothing got resolved. SF17+ is bugged in my professional opinion and devs (if there are any) don't appear to give a damn. Tried other software since and all work as expected recording 32 bit float via 32 bit float interface.

cdxp wrote on 7/16/2024, 9:44 AM

I also logged a ticket at the same time as the above post - zero response.

SP. wrote on 7/16/2024, 9:52 AM

@cdxp A ticket yesterday? It can take 3-4 business days for a response. If you don't get a response within a week don't forget to send a follow-up under your ticket number or else the ticket might get closed automatically.

john_barr wrote on 7/16/2024, 10:05 AM

I sent a ticket to support and it took two weeks for them to respond. My disappointment with Magix is ​​very great.