emmrecs wrote on 1/26/2019, 2:58 AM

Hi, welcome to the Magix forums.

I can't directly answer your question but you need to be aware that Magix, who now own and develop the SF range, have only done so since version 10(?).

The versions that you are asking about are now very old. I suspect it is very doubtful whether anyone posting to this forum will be able to help you.

Have you checked somewhere like eBay? Caveat emptor.

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rraud wrote on 1/26/2019, 12:37 PM

SF 4.5 worked great on my XP machine.. aside from the app's inherent limitations. .i.e., no real-time preview, VST support or chainer, among others. The subsequent version (SF-5), had 'real-time preview', but there were other 'issues'. I recall VST plug-in support started with Pro 7, however in SF 6, I used a third-party 'wrapper' to run VST plugs . I still have both Pro 9 and 10 on my old XP machine, which run splendidly. SF Pro 10 also runs great on my Win 10 PCs and I actually prefer Pro 10 to Pro 11 (IMO, SCS forked-up the GUI for the Record and Plug-in chainer... </end rant>). Both SF Pro 9 &10 also came with the (Direct X) iZotope Mastering suite. I especially like the Multi-band Compressor an Exciter. That was a separate installation, serial code and registration though iZotope.. They do not run on 64 bit versions of SF or Vegas however.

FYI. I recently sold a version of SF 4.5, so prior, I checked to see if it would install OK, it did.. BUT ONLY from the installation disc and disc drive, the installation files by themselves could not be used, though I did not try a virtual drive with a disc image, which I suspect would. The registration code to unlock the program worked and did not require an on-line procedure. I do not recall what version required on-line registration. (or 'register from another computer on-line').. 6 or 7 I think.

Addendum: "Magix, who now own and develop the SF range, have only done so since version 10(?)."

- MAGIX Software GmbH, acquired the majority of Sony Creative Software (SCS) A/V products when Sound Forge Pro 11 was the latest version. Earlier builds of Pro 11 were SCS, subsequent builds were MAGIX, but basically the same except sales, registration, support and such were MAGIX
"As of May 20, 2016 Sony Creative Software has sold the majority of its products to MAGIX Software GmbH. SCS will remain a part of Sony Electronics and will continue to own and distribute its Catalyst Browse and Catalyst Production Suite products".

ray-faiola wrote on 5/2/2019, 6:01 AM

4.5 is the berries. I still use it on two of my XP machines. And I got it to run on Windows 7/32 bit. But no-go on Windows 10. So I went to SF 12 and 13.

kryten wrote on 5/15/2019, 11:48 PM

4.5 works fine on Windows 10 (I haven't encountered any issues). The trick is to run the sfsetup.exe file as an administrator in the driveletter:\Setup\English\Sound Forge\X86 folder. I can get CD Architect 4.0 to install and run doing the same thing (but no actual burner support). SF does need to run as administrator as well.

Dj-V wrote on 5/20/2019, 6:21 AM

I'm very long time used this software:

Sonic Foundry 4.0-6.0
Sony 7.0-11.0
Magix 12.0-

Graphical nearly same 4.0-7.0. I'm used long time 7.0 version. (Windows XP, XP x64, Windows 7 x64) Used now in paralel 7.0, 11.0, 12.0x64. (Magix version compressed audio (ogg, mp3) rendering very slow same settings. (Not faster in x64 system x64 SF version in rendering).
Flac supported only new versions.
User friendly interface so-so.
  -Good for working: 7.0
  -New version preference DirectX buttons in toolbars (Noise Reduction, Clipped Peak Restoration, etc.)

4.5 not optimal "old version", minimal 6.0 or 7.0 need!
After 6.0 supported more than 4GB filesize, and non-destructive editing (the original recording remains untouched on the hard disk until you save/render to disk). CD-Architect built in TAO mode (only), built in DirectX plugins.


7.0 news:
An Explorer window with drag-and-drop support for pasting, mixing, or crossfading files or regions.
In integrated, dockable Spectrum Analysis window.
Automated audio recording.
Prerecord buffer for normal and threshold-based recording.
VU meters for monitoring playback and recording levels.
Clip detection and marking.
Improved fade curves in the Graphic Fade, Envelope, Pan/Expand, Pitch Bend, and FM Synthesis dialogs.
Sound Forge project files.
Undo past save.
Effect automation using envelopes, including volume and panning plug-ins.
Filtered noise, white noise, pink noise, and brown noise generators in the Simple Synthesis and FM Synthesis dialogs.
An End Frequency control in the Simple Synthesis dialog to make quick work of sweeping a frequency range.
Support for 24-fps, progressive-scan (24p) DV video files.

External (not plugin) CD-Architect 5.2 supported new CD-Writers. (I'm used short time, changed to Feurio! 1.68 professional CD Creator.)


4.5 sys req.:

Min. processor Speed 90 MHz
Min RAM Size 16 MB
Min Hard Drive Space 10 MB
OS Required: Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0

6.0 sys req.:

Min. processor Speed 200 Hz
Min RAM Size 32 MB
Min Hard Drive Space 30 MB
OS Required: Windows 98 SE, 2000 or XP

7.0 sys req.:

Min. processor Speed 400 Hz
Min RAM Size 64 MB
Min Hard Drive Space 60 MB
OS Required: Windows 2000 or XP, 7