condex wrote on 11/7/2017, 3:56 AM

I wouldn't be holding my breath waiting for an update to a 12 years old product that has been superceded 3 times by later versions by a previous owner, and a 4th new version - SF12 - for Windows is apparently to be released by the product's current owner later this year or early-ish next year (it's already released for Mac).

It's an unfortunate reality that as technology advances, legacy products/software are likely to lose compatibility. An example is with mobile phones. My original 2G mobile phones will no longer work as the minimum GSM network in this country is now 3G. I'm not expecting the phone manufacturers of those phones to be releasing firmware updates to 3G for those now prehistoric phones.

The same with Microsoft - they no longer support XP and earlier.

I would think that software companies such as Magix would prefer that you to buy a current version of their products - understandably, it's about the $$$$$$.