Sound Forge Audio Studio 13 problem

marc-salvatore wrote on 1/16/2019, 10:38 AM

I own sound forge audio studio 12.  I am testing sound forge audio studio 13 and I'm ready to upgrade but there is one serious problem that was fixed in ver. 12 but broken again in ver. 13.  The problem:  When using a plugin such as Izotope voice denoise  you need to be able to select all of the data after taking a noise sample.  This option was missing in ver. 12 then added in an update. Unfortunately it's gone again in version 13.  This makes the plugin unusable.  Will this be fixed?  All you need to do is add a "select all" option right click context menu.

Other than that I really like the new interface which is much more similar to Sound Forge pro now.


marc-salvatore wrote on 1/17/2019, 8:01 AM

Update: Received a quick response from tech support after filing a ticket. They said:

"I will write the devs about it, but I will say that we in support have tested it repeatedly and we don't find the plugin to be unusable, as we simply preview it, adjust it as we need, and when we okay it, the whole track is processed."

My video response:


Please contact tech support about this if you use Izotope plugins so we can get this fixed quickly. Thanks!


PsychotropicFilms wrote on 1/21/2019, 11:21 AM

Good tutorial of the issue you're having. Just an observation: It seems the selection option you are missing is 'within the plug-in'. I'm curious to know how Audio Studio coding can effect the Isotope plugin's functionality? In other words, I didn't know that the host software can effect options and layouts WITHIN another manufacturer's plug-in? Thanks, Bart

marc-salvatore wrote on 1/24/2019, 12:57 PM

Thanks for the response. I went ahead and tested the voice denoise plugin inside of Izotope RX 6. The difference is that you can click on the file to select it after taking your noise sample (while the plugin is open). In Sound Forge you are unable to click on the file with the plugin open.

Also tech support did respond to my video recognizing the issue and it sounds hopeful that it will be a priority. I purchased the upgrade since I'm really pleased with the new standardized interface and everything else seems to be working well.

rraud wrote on 1/25/2019, 10:14 AM

SF Pro 12 exhibits the same behavior with the de-noise plug-in (no selection can be made). With SF Pro 10 it works normally. I currently do not have Pro 11 on this PC to check. Can someone check this on with Pro11?

marc-salvatore wrote on 1/25/2019, 10:59 AM

Yes it works fine for me in Sound Forge 9. It seems to be an issue exclusive with Sound Forge Audio Studio.