SOUND FORGE Audio Studio - Patch 2.1 Version 16.0 Build 82

MAGIX_Redaktion wrote on 5/19/2022, 7:38 AM

Dear community,

We have been working hard on SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 16 and are proud to announce that we release a new patch. Here is what has been updated:


  • The first maintenance release will fix a couple of issues that got visible after the initial release of SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 16.


  • Organize FX Dialog now contains filter functionality


  • The Update Service actualization process does no longer prompt ghost updates
  • Localization
    • Various fixes for Japanese localization
    • Added FX Menu localizations
    • ReadMe and help updates
    • Minor "Show Me How" updates
  • Plug-In Menu, FX Organize Dialog, Plug-In Manager
    • Vendor Name has been removed from Audio Plug-In Union Plugins
  • Elastique Pro time-stretching has been updated to latest version 3.3.11
  • Added preference to disable the generation of log files for executed scripts
  • Changed unit in Fade-In/-Out context menu dialog from milliseconds to seconds and updated default value
  • VST3 Plugins are now found automatically in the default folder even if no VST3 plugins were installed during first startup of SF
  • Added new "Speaker Placement" combo box in the New File dialog for some languages


  • Visualization
    • Visualization stability fix to avoid crashes while playing several files in succession

We look forward to what you create with these improvements! 😄

Best wishes,