Sound Forge Pro 11 Magix Build - Release Notes?

shaun-toole wrote on 5/29/2019, 5:20 PM

I purchased Sound Forge Pro 11 from Sony, and later I installed the Sony update (build 299). This was all done prior to the sale of Sound Forge to Magix.

Today I noticed that I can download SF Pro 11 from Magix. Is the version from Magix the same build as the Sony version, or is the Magix version an update to the Sony version? If it is an update, where can I find the release notes?

I tried to submit a support request to Magix about this, but, alas, Magix says my software is too old. I could, of course, buy a support voucher, but I don't see that happening.



rraud wrote on 5/29/2019, 6:13 PM

Sorry, I do not know if there are 'Magix' release notes for Pro 11 or they're location. AFAIK, there is little difference between the SONY and MAGIX versions.. Likely, only branding. The users manual is still titled SONY Sound Forge Pro 11, and on the NR-2.0 noise reduction suite, the word "SONY" was only removed as far as I can tell. The only thing MAGIX may have fixed was the occasional 'elevated privilege' issue, but I'm not sure. about that. If the Sony version runs w/o issue on your PC I would leave it. otherwise I would upgrade to Pro 12 or 13. I still run an old Pro 11 build 272 on an old Vista PC occasionally without issue.. Otherwise my Win 10 PCs have Pro 10 and Pro 12. 12 BTW is a different build and can be installed as 32 and/or 64bit. The GUI is very similar to previous versions. I have not had a chance to work with Pro 13 yet.


shaun-toole wrote on 5/30/2019, 7:46 AM

That's what I plan to do - leave build 299 in place. It has some annoying bugs that I've learned to work around, and I can live with them indefinitely. My hope was that Magix's version might have addressed those, but it's not worth wiping out my working installation to find out.

Trensharo wrote on 8/21/2019, 5:49 PM

Only thing different is branding. Upgrading to 12 (which is on Humble Bundle for $25 at the moment) is highly recommended for VST3 Support, as well as better support for some Audio CODECs.

For example, SFP 12 can Import and Export more Audio/Video formats (i.e. like AAC) without needing to install QuickTime on your machine. SFP 11 needs QuickTime to import AAC/M4A Audio (including the Audio from many H.264 videos, which is typically AAC).

It's also available in a 64-Bit build, which is good if you plan to buy and never/rarely upgrade; as some plug-ins are already starting to drop 32-Bit support.

From the Help File:

What's new in version 12?

  • 64bit program version
  • Full VST3 support
  • New cleaning and audio restauration functions: Declicker/Decrackler, DeClipper and DeHisser
  • New multi band compressor Wave Hammer 2.0
  • Bit rate conversion dithering with high-quality POW-r algorithms
  • DDP Export of CD images
  • Vocal activity indication in data windows to quickly locate spoken and sung voice

Underlined items are those of particular interest.

The Audio Cleaning and Restoration Functions basically overlap the Sony Noise Reduction Plug-Ins, but these are the plug-ins from Samplitude/Sequoia, and are quite a bit better (IMO & IME). If you do a lot of Audio Cleanup, and don't own iZotope RX, they alone may be worth paying the small price for that upgrade.

High end dithering options are pretty standard in commercial audio editors, these days, and I don't honestly think DDP Export is a major win/feature addition... since so many people buy their music from iTunes, Amazon, etc. anyways (or stream)… and DAWs are pretty good at Mastering, and often have this feature.

If you get the bundle, install ACID Pro, copy out the MAGIX Plug-Ins from ProgramData and move them to your Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins folder. They will work in versions of SOUND FORGE Pro and VEGAS Pro (i.e. VP15) that don't bundle eFX, AM-Track SE, and VANDAL SE (including SFP 12). Most (AM-Track, eFX) also work in 3rd party applications (not VANDAL SE, though). You can uninstall ACID Pro after you copy those plugins out.

t-scott wrote on 11/10/2019, 8:07 PM

1. What is "Humble Bundle"?

2. Does SF 12 Pro have all the functionality of SF 11 Pro? (including Batch Converter)

Since I went to Win 10 (Win 7 system finally died) I am now getting oddball error messages from SF 11 (Build 345). ("Out of memory when starting Playback" -- obviously ridiculous) I do have the Redistributable package installed.

Magix technical support for SF Pro appears to be absent: when you navigate to the place in Pro Audio where you are led, nothing is there. Thank goodness a few users are in this forum area.

Thanks for your help. Hopefully this program will not go the way of all other software too soon; I have relied on it for many years.


rraud wrote on 11/11/2019, 9:33 AM

1. "What is "Humble Bundle"?
> I do not know much about HB, except they have low cost specials from SF from time to time. I think you may have to purchase a HB subsrciption though to get the low price

2. "Does SF 12 Pro have all the functionality of SF 11 Pro? (including Batch Converter)"
> Yes. and the new versions of Sound Forge Pro include some really good plug-ins too. Even more with the SF Pro Suite. See the SF comparison page
 btw, the latest version is Sound Forge Pro 13.

browj2 wrote on 11/15/2019, 10:13 PM is a legitimate source of software, mainly games, however they do have mainstream software bundles regularly. Many companies and developers support various charities through them. Magix have had bundles with them several times and I've purchased some of them.

Do a search in this forum for HumbleBundle. I or someone else have announced most of them over the last year or so and indicated what was in the various price levels, up to 25$US. The latest bundle worthy of getting was for Corel products. Here are some that I got in various bundles:

  • ACID Pro 7
  • ACID MusicStudio10
  • SoundForge Audio Studio12
  • Xara 3D Maker 7
  • Xara Designer Pro X
  • Vegas Pro 15 Edit
  • Vintage Effects Suite

There is no special HumbleBundle for Magix products at the moment. There are some Magix products that can be purchased, but the prices are not interesting.

There is no need to subscribe to HB to purchase a bundle.

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