Sound Forge Pro 11 Merge Audio Script Help

Samir wrote on 2/4/2018, 2:18 PM

There is something I want to do with audio files I have, and I know it can be done with scripting in SoundForge. I dont know much about programming or scripting in SoundForge. I was wondering if someone can help write the script for what I want to achieve.

I have an mp3 file with a message recorded in it. I want to insert that message to the beginning and the ending of list of mp3 files I have.

E.g. I have hundred mp3 files in a folder. My message is in file message.mp3. I want this message.mp3 sound to be added to beginning and ending for each of those 100 mp3 files I have.

So basically, it should open each file in the folder, add message.mp3 audio to the beginning and ending of the file and then save the file to some other folder. This it should do for all the 100 files in that folder.

I would appreciate if someone can help with this. I have like thousands of file and doing it manually would be a nightmare.

Thanks in advance for all your support.