Sound Forge Pro 11 - Ozone 8 Adv Plug-in Won't Apply To Sound File

arledgsc wrote on 1/13/2018, 11:54 AM

I recently upgraded Sound Forge 10 to Pro 11 on my Windows 10 machine.  I can find and select Ozone 8 from the "FX Favorites" tab OK but Ozone 8 won't apply and start (when pressing 'OK' to close Ozone 8 plug-in window and apply to the sound file).   Ozone 8 Adv will though "Preview" fine and can hear audio. But when clicking OK to apply to the file Sound Forge 11 stalls and the lower left application progress indicator remains stuck at "Ozone 8...0%".  I cannot cancel the action in Sound Forge 11 and requires Windows Task Mgr to end the Sound Forge 11 application.  TaskMgr indicates 0% CPU usage when stuck in this condition while Windows is just spinning the mouse cursor until manually halted.

When installing Sound Forge Pro 11 I did not install the Izotrope Mastering/ Repair tools or Music Maker. I can see the paths from 'Options->Preferences->VST Effect' and in the Windows registry.  I have reinstalled Sound Forge Pro 11 and Ozone 8 many times. Any ideas?  I'm a longtime user of Sound Forge and Ozone.  Again, Previews fine but stalls when pressing OK to apply Ozone 8 to the sound file. 


condex wrote on 1/15/2018, 4:09 AM

I just tried Ozone 8 Adv on a simple VO track in SF11 ... same result as you.

Sorry, but I have no idea why this is happening, but at least it's not just your set-up.

arledgsc wrote on 1/15/2018, 7:53 AM

Thank you for looking and confirming. I had to go back to SF 10 and Ozone 5 to get a project finished...

arledgsc wrote on 1/27/2018, 1:11 PM

I got SF11 to work with Ozone 5 and Ozone 6 but never full Ozone 8 app. I could get a few individual Oz 8 tools like Maximer and Exciter to work singly but not the combined, full Oz 8 app. Izotope looked at the problem and said it may be SF11 issue. Izotope suggested I just reinstall everything in the default locations but no help.

Seems SF11 is not supported or, at least, I can't find anything other than generalized information on the Magix pages. There have been no SF11 updates since first released (11.0). So this looks like an orphan product with zero support but Magix will gladly take your money for the upgrade.

SF10 did not run well under Windows 10 is the reason for upgrading. Plus I never could get Ozone 6 to work with SF10 so at least SF11 is more stable plus I can now use Ozone 6 if needed.

rraud wrote on 1/27/2018, 4:38 PM

There have been no SF11 updates since first released (11.0). So this looks like an orphan product with zero support but Magix will gladly take your money for the upgrade.

There had been some updates to SF Pro 11, but I don't recall the latest date... I think it was build 272. SF Pro 10 runs on my Win 10 PC fine, aside from the occasional privileges reg tweak,, but I don't have the full version of Ozone installed on it. SF Pro 12 (beta) does not look promising either at this point and crashes "SF has stopped working" even before fully loading. Unfortunately, tech support on it is non-existent at this point as well.

arlo-west wrote on 2/13/2018, 6:18 AM

I can remember when SF used to be the standard GO TO for all PC audio applications. I was a beta test guy for SONY for years. SF was a stable and in my opinion, an excellent platform many audio applications. I was trained at the New York Institute of Forensic Audio by Tom Owen on SF. As a forensic audio expert I relied on it and was pretty much using it 100% up until last year for starting a case. Applying third party plugins like WAVES Limiting/Compression and SONY NR back in the early days and then most recently using iZotope for everything.

However, it has become less and less a GO TO for me because of the buggy nature SF seems to have acquired. It would be nice to see it re-gain that standard that it once had. I beta now for iZotope and have always found that the two had a generally a good working relationship as far as my field of expertise is concerned. I liked how I could start with SF and get the first steps of enhancement accomplished and then move on to iZotope for the NR and other aspects depending on what I was doing or working on.

I reached out to MAGIX when they first acquired SF to help with beta. I wont go into details but they didn't seem interested. I am not here to bash the company but I think MAGIX needs to look back at what it was that made SF so great for so many many years. What it was that solidified it's reputation in the audio community as a reliable, functional and GO TO standard. It isn't the same anymore and it is a real shame because it was THE best for a long time.

I just tested Ozone 8 VST and it works in SF 11 under WIN 7 64bit.

arledgsc wrote on 4/7/2018, 10:07 AM

Upgraded to SF 12 Pro 64-bit application. Everything works OK under Windows 10 including Ozone 8 VST3 64-bit. Amazed at how much faster this application is versus the older 32-bit versions. I missed out by a few weeks on the free upgrade from SF 10 to SF 11 and then free SF 12 when released. So I paid for both SF 11 and then SF 12. That kind of irks me as I got no response from Magix on SF 11 issues with Ozone 8. But, in the end, it all works great with SF 12.